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Lacson compels DICT to aim for faster internet speed

Senator Panfilo M. Lacson, chairman of the Senate national defense and security committee, pressed the Department of Information and Communication Technology to aim for ‘’excellent’’ rating in its internet connection.

Senator Panfilo M. Lacson

In a statement, Lacson said:  ‘’With all due respect to a highly regarded Cavalier and distinguished former Senate colleague (Gregorio B. Honasan), “not so bad” may sound worse than “not so good.”

This rating was given by Honasan during a committee hearing of the House of Representatives that the country’s internet connection “is not that bad,’’ amid public complaints over slow speed.

In the middle of a pandemic when the order of the day is virtual communication, ‘’what we want to hear, at least realistically, is “good enough,’’ Lacson said.

‘’Of course, it goes without saying, “very good” or even “excellent” is what we all want to hear from DICT. Clearly, there is much room for improvement,’’ he added.

In his House testimony Honasan that while other countries have internet speeds of 55 MBPS, the country’s 3-5 MBPS is not bad.

DICT Assistant Secretary. Emmanuel Caintic supported his chief’s statement, saying the country’s internet connection could currently reach up to 25.07 Mbps, compared to 2016’s maximum which is 7.91 Mbps. Mobile internet speed now can also reach up to 6.95 Mpbs, he added.

He admitted however that the Philippines’ neighbor countries have 213.18 Mbps fixed broadband speed, with 56.43 Mbps mobile internet speed.

Caintic said that the Philippines’ much slower connection is due to lack of telecommunications infrastructure, explaining that fixed broadbands of other countries require lots of fiber optic cables, and telecommunication towers for fast mobile internet

Honasan said that to modernize and improve the country’s internet quality and speed, the government should launch projects.

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