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Chemists warn public against use of gasoline as disinfectant

By ANGELA CLARINO/The Manila Times

A group of chemists warned the public on Friday against the use of gasoline as a disinfectant.

“Pinapaalalahanan ng ICP ang lahat na hindi ginagamit ang gasolina upang gawing panlinis o disinfectant ng mga bagay-bagay. Makasasama ito sa tao lalo na kapag nalanghap ang singaw nito (The ICP would like to inform the public that gasoline is neither used for cleaning nor as a disinfectant. This is harmful to people,especially when inhaled),” the Integrated Chemists of the Philippines said in a Facebook post.

The ICP released its statement a few hours after President Rodrigo Duterte insisted that his remark about gasoline can be used as a disinfectant was not a joke.

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The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry of the United States said gasoline may cause “a mild skin, eye, and respiratory tract irritant”

Ingestion of gasoline causes mild to severe irritation to the gastrointestinal mucosa or the mucous membrane layer of the stomach, it added.

It was the second time that the President called for the use of gasoline to disinfect masks but both the Department of Health (DoH) and Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said that it was a joke.


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