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Bill to establish hospital for teachers, students filed in Congress

Manila Teachers partylist Rep. Virgilio Lacson has proposed the creation of a Philippine National Hospital For Teachers and Students (PNHTS) in all regions of the country to attend to the health needs of the teachers, and students.


Under House Bill No. 7095, Lacson sought the creation of a regional PNHTS that will serve as primary medical facilities for hospitalization and medical care of teachers and students.

“The State should secure the health and safety of our teachers, as they do so for our students,” Lacson, chairperson of the House Committee on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development, said in his bill’s explanatory note.

“In a time of pandemic, the need for quality education and grooming the next generation for their role in nation building is as ever important,” he stressed.

The House leader said HB 7095 proposes the establishment of a hospital in every region in the country that would keep an eye on the medical needs and concerns of teachers, their relatives, and students.

“The bill manifests the State’s policy to prioritize the health, especially those who constantly toil and sacrifice to ensure our children are taken of and prepared for the future,” Lacson said.

Under the bill, the proposed PNHTS shall have a bed capacity of at least 500, which may increase depending on the population of the region.

HB 7095 provides that each regional PNHTS shall have isolation and quarantine facilities, equipped and ready to address and prevent any threat and spread of contagious and highly contagious diseases, in accordance with international standards and guidelines or recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

A seven-man Board of Trustees, who will be appointed by the President of the Philippines, shall administer the PNHTS, according to the bill.

The Board will then appoint an Executive Director who will exercise administrative supervision of all facilities of the PNHTS.

Lacson’s bill provides that the PNHTS hospital facility will be headed by a Hospital Chief, who will be under the supervision of the Executive Director.

HB 7095 allocates P20 billion for the initial operation  and maintenance of the hospitals and isolation and quarantine facilities of the PNHTS, including the land acquisition, construction, and the acquisition of hospital and isolation, and quarantine equipment, furniture, and personnel services.

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