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ARTA suggests systematic revamp in PhilHealth

The Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) has recommended a systematic revamp in the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), particularly in its Information Technology (IT) department, to help solve the problem of corruption in the agency.

ARTA director-general Jeremiah Belgica said that the task force created by President Duterte to investigate corruption activities in PhilHealth will surely be able to help weed out corrupt government officials in the agency.

ARTA Director General Jeremiah Belgica

He said that aside from removing corrupt officials, PhilHealth processes should be simplified and its IT department revamped.
“There are only two things we need to do to stop corruption: First, remove the corrupt government officials, and second is to simplify the complicated and complex system,” Belgica said.

“The second step can be achieved by implementing a systematic revamp in PhilHealth, particularly the IT department,” he added.

According to Belgica, corruption in PhilHealth mostly happens due to the flawed IT system of the agency that does not have the ability to audit and validate whether the claims made by healthcare providers are authentic or not.

“This has been going on for so many years and not even a single soul dared to oppose that corrupted system until today,” he said.

“Ang daming (There are many) private companies and government offices na nag-offer ng (that offer) IT system to help Philhealth at no cost to the government pero kahit isa hindi nila ginagamit. Ibig sabihin lang nito, maaaring kasabwat din ang mga nanahimik (but they didn’t go for any of those. It only means that those who kept quiet may be part of the scheme),” he added.

Belgica said that it was imperative to implement a more holistic approach in addressing the systematic corruption in PhilHealth.

He added that aside from a revamp in PhilHealth’s IT department, an IT system that can validate fraudulent claims should be put in place to address the agency’s systematic flaws that allowed corruption to prosper.

“Whether PhilHealth engages a third-party IT service provider that can create and design a validation process based on parameters set by the government or purchase its own IT solution, getting one is the very first thing it has to do this very moment to stop the fraudulent scheme being perpetrated by corrupt PhilHealth employees,” he said.

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