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Mindanao solons: GMRC law is for the best

By Ellson Quismorio

House leaders from Mindanao have hailed President Duterte’s recent signing of Republic Act (RA) No.11476, the Good Manners and Right Conduct (GMRC) and Values Education Act.

Cagayan de Oro City 2nd District Representative Rufus Rodriguez (Rufus Rodriguez official Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)

Cagayan de Oro City 2nd District Representative Rufus Rodriguez (Rufus Rodriguez official Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)

Cagayan de Oro City 2nd district Rep. Rufus Rodriguez and Camiguin lone district Rep. Xavier Jesus “XJ” Romualdo both referred to the measure’s enactment as a positive development.

“It is no longer possible to implement the law this coming school year because the DepEd (Department of Education) will still have to issue implementing rules and regulations, but we have to reintroduce those subjects as soon as possible,” Rodriguez said.

He said that in this age of the Internet and modern computer devices and gadgets, young people tend to forget or ignore good conduct, manners, and values.

“The law is in consonance with the goal of improving our primary education system comprehensively. It is high-time we emphasize that quality education does not only entail strength in math, science, and other core subjects. Rather, it includes the moral, physical, and mental well-being of our youth,” said Rodriguez, chairman of the House Committee on Constitutional Amendments.

Romualdo, a Deputy Majority Leader, expressed a sense of fulfilment over RA No.11476’s signing. “That GMRC and values will be taught in K-12 is great. Supported and voted for it.’

“But still GMRC and Values Education shouldn’t be left to schools. GMRC and values should be learned primarily at home,” he added.

New challenge under ‘new normal’

Rodriguez said the implementation of the law poses a new challenge to the DepEd, in addition to those the agency is facing under the “new normal” blended learning program that demands educators to be tech-savvy.

He also said DepEd would have to recruit and train qualified teachers for the proper enforcement of the new law.

“There is a need to return to our curriculum for Grades 1 to 6 the subject Good Manners and Right Conduct and to Grades 7 to 12 the subject Values Education,” he stressed, adding that RA No.11476 “is a timely piece of legislation for the present day.”

“I am confident that the agency, under the able leadership of Secretary Leonor Briones, is up to those challenges,” he said.

Rodriguez said he and other lawmakers “look forward to a dynamic implementation of the law, which includes teacher-parent collaborative learning activities, community immersion activities, and other self-actualization tools for our students.”

“Recent research and modern-day education methods call for more experiential learning with our students, especially in building the character and foundation of the next generation. We hope the law and its implementation take us a step further in the betterment of our holistic education system,” he said.

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