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DOST assists hospital in PPE study

By Dhel Nazario

The Department of Science and Technology has agreed to Northern Mindanao Medical Center’s (NMMC) request for further studies on the disinfection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Department of Science and Technology (MANILA BULLETIN)

Department of Science and Technology (MANILA BULLETIN)

Dr. Art Surdilla, Liaison Officer of NMMC incident command system said there is a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as the hospital continually caters to patients suspect for COVID-19 and those referred from other hospitals throughout the region.

DOST-X through its Regional Science and Testing Laboratory’s Microbiology Unit, has researched on the possible ways to disinfect PPE which may include the use of Ultraviolet (UV) Light, Humid Heat, Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor, and Ozone.

Also being studied was the possible disinfection methods for surgical and N95 masks.

DOST-X Microbiology Research Analyst Freann Faith Lagahit collated data different certified health agencies and prepared a report outlining the options in choosing what may be most applicable and efficient.

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